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a smile of some sort


I can't read anything in the library.. I can't even make out anything.. I could read some of the stuff at home.. but that was in Auldrant.. Why am I so stupid?

I guess this is just a curse of being a replica. I hate this.. I want to go home. I miss everyone.. I don't want to be here anymore.


D'you want me to read for you?
No.. It's alright, Florian.
Well, okay. You need to smile more tho! *glomp*
Hugs are good for you! I bet that's why you're not happy. So I'll give you lotsa hugs and you'll be all better, kay?

[[Doctor Florian, anyone? XD;]]
Fine whatever... just... don't do that again.

Don't do what? *clings*

[[Me? Scare people? Never~♥]]
You cannot read them? Do you know why?

I know many are in other languages. But are there none in your own native script?
I-I can't really read all that well.

I guess not, I didn't find any. I can't really comprehend any literature.

[voice comment]

Nnn... Reeason whyyy? Does not have languige file?


(OOC: lawl, yay for clones \o/)

Re: [voice comment]


I'm a copy of someone else


[voice comment]

...You are...

I am... also a copy of somuone...

Re: [voice comment]

..I am..?

Really? ..Well I'm glad that I'm not the only one then.

[voice comment]

Nnnn... You are... still you. Even if you are a copy... Heeart is yours.

Re: [voice comment]

How can I be me if I'm supposed to be someone else?

[voice comment]

Ahhhh... Ahhhh...

I am... sorry...
Do you want help? I can help you if you want some...

Replica? You're a copy of something?...You're an experiment too?
Um..I'm fine. I'll deal with it. Thanks though.

Yeah..I guess you can call it that.
Ok then...Good Luck!

Ah...yeah, being an experiment can be hard...I know from experience....
..Yeah it is. I have to live with the fact every day. You're an experiment too, little guy?
...Especially if you're created to destroy the galaxy...

Yes, I am...My name is Stitch, or experiment 626...what's yours?
..That's terrible.

Uh I'm Luke. I don't really think I have an experiment name like yours..
It's nice to meet you Luke. Don't worry about being a replica, things always work out. I worried about being an experiment for so long, then I learned there were other things in life. Things will turn out great, I promise!
Why not find someone who could teach you?
It's too much of a hassle..I'll be okay.