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a smile of some sort


Halloween...now I just have to figure out what I'm gonna be. I need something to get my mind off of this stupid love business...Love sucks. I hate relationships...

Now all I need is to get my hands on a costume...but what? I want to dress up as something but I can't really think of anything.


I've been hearing everyone talking about Halloween. I'm almost curious if I should join in the festivities.

Maybe we should look for a costume together, Luke?
Oh hey Ion. I'm glad to hear from you again. You should join.

Yeah I'd like that. I need a good distraction. Do you want me to meet you?
I apologize if I've been rather quiet. I've been taking my time reading different things from many other worlds in the library.

It's very fascinating. Recently, I've found books on Halloween from other worlds; Witch hunts, the Salem Witch Trials, vampires and all many different lores that pertain to this particular holiday.

... distraction? Is there a problem, Luke?
Don't worry about it. I'm just glad to hear you're okay.

Witch hunts? Gee sounds fascinating. What do you want to dress up as, Ion? Do you have any ideas?

Yeah I guess you can say that. It's just me being stupid again.
What do you suppose you'll go as?
Not sure. That's why I'm thinking.
...You should be a kittyperson.
A-A what?! Why a kittyperson?
cos you look like one.
How do I look like a kitty person? I don't have the ears!
...You still look like a kittyperson. And you act like one too.
HOW?...W-What makes you say that?
Pamela said if kittys eat catnip they turn hyper and run around and stuff, and when you eat sugar you do that too. And, and you do other kitty stuff too!

And I dunno how you look like one, but you do.
That's-...ugh nevermind.

That doesn't make any sense! I don't have the ears! I don't think they even have a costume like that...


...*staares some more*


I'll go get some kitty ears then!

Re: 2/2


Re: 2/2


[[Operation Kitty Ears Go! Now to enlist Jade.]]

Re: 2/2

H-Hey! Don't hide secrets from me!

Att%#pti#g c*mmun!(@tio# w!th ^#ident!^ied @#omal%.

$earch!#& m%#ory f!(es %or k#%word 'H@!low%en'. S%@rc#!ng... #%gati^e. Re&#%sti#g de#!nit!*n.

^er# '#@llow%*n' c*#t@ins s^%hea&!ng '(*stu#e', ^rue o^ f@!$e?

(TRANSLATION: Attempting communication with unidentified anomaly.

Searching memory files for keyword 'Halloween'. Searching... Negative. Requesting definition.

Term 'Halloween' contains subheading 'costume', true or false?)
S!@te#%nt c*nf!^med. F!l!#g s^%he@d!ng 'c*$tum%' u^&er f!le 'H@llow%%#'.

R%que$!ing f^&th%r e!@bo^@ti*n c*#((rnin& te^m '#@llo#$en'.

(TRANSLATION: Statement confirmed. Filing subheading 'costume' under file 'Halloween'.

Requesting further elaboration concerning term 'Halloween'.)
Ugh. Do you know anything?!

It's a holiday when everyone dresses up into costumes and go trick or treating for candy.
(#eck!ng f!le$... C*mp!%te. P^*gra# 'A%ur# K(te' c*nta$#s 871629901 da^% fil$s d*^id%d i#^o 892 fo!*er$.

N%# da^@ %qui^&d, &pd@!ing (ile '#all*^een'. &ownl*@di#g... com(le%!. #e^m '&al!&we*n' *nv*!ve% c*^tume$ a#d '&ri(*-o^-tr%#t!ng' ^or (*nd&.

^efe#$in& to Kit& p@rs*^ali&y f%le$. T#@n$ y*& @or yo^r #el*. :)

(TRANSLATION: Checking files... Complete. Program 'Azure Kite' contains 871629901 data files divided into 892 folders.

New data aquired, updating file 'Halloween'. Downloading... complete. Term 'Halloween' involves costumes and 'trick-or-treating' for candy.

Referring to Kite personality files. Thank you for your help. :))
Um...You're welcome?