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a smile of some sort


How the hell do I get these stupid ears off? They're really annoying me. PLEASE tell me, Jade.

I'm really bored. I want to go train. I feel like I'm lacking again.


You know, I don't recall how to get them off. Let me think for a moment...
What do you mean you don't know how to get them off?! You're the one who put them on!
No, Florian put them on..I just assisted.
Why d'you wanna take 'em off?
They're not annoying~ They're fun!

...I want kitty ears too!

Yeah sure whatever. You have these when Jade gets them off me.
Course they are! Being a kitty is fun!

And I can't have yours, cos mine have to be green.

Then paint them.
...You don't like being a kitty?

What's paint?

I can't really explain it. Ask Jade.
You're no fun.

Uncle Jade knows everything!
Hey, at least I'm honest.

You got that right! Now go bother him.
Are you too old for ears, then?
Am I what?
Your ears and tail. Had you already lost them?
I'm trying to. Do you think you can help me?
...I never expected to be asked that. And definitely not in this manner.

How old are you, anyway?

You're old enough... but I can't imagine you'd want that from a stranger.
You're not really a stranger if you're willing to help me. It should only take a few minutes.

[ooc: I am trying SO hard not to die of laughter right now. XDDDDD]
You're surprisingly relaxed about these things. I suppose if you're sure that's what you want...

[ooc: Miscommunication FTW]
FINALLY I can get these things offa' me. Thanks. I really appreciate it. Can I meet you somewhere?

[ooc: YUSH♥ Omg we should log this like right now. XD;]