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a smile of some sort


How the hell do you give thanks? Saying 'thank you' isn't enough? And what's a "Thanksgiving"? It's really annoying when you hear things over and over again.

I am begging to get these stupid things off my head..I feel so stupid. I don't want to look like this anymore. I want them off. You are so in for it, Jade. I swear you're gonna get it.

[ooc: Strikes only hackable to Jade.~]


From what people have told me, Thanksgiving is a holiday where you eat and tell people "thank you."

I don't get it either.
You can say "thank you" any day. I don't know why there's a holiday for it.

That's just stupid.

If you really want those off Luke, come talk to me. We'll find out a way to get them off.

Oh really?
Do you even know how to get these things off?

Yeah really!
Perhaps something to dissolve the glue? Though I'm unable to think of any substances that would accomplish that...
How the hell are you going to dissolve glue?