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a smile of some sort


I'm bored. There's nothing to do here. I can't find anything fun to do.


Well then, look harder! There's snow outside, and this really big tree downstairs...though I dunno who would put such a big tree in a building. But, anyway, there's a lot to do around here!
I went outside already, I'm not risking frostbite AGAIN.

I've walked around this stupid mansion MILLIONS of times. It's boring.
Oh come oooooooooon! There's plenty to do! Let's go play!!!
W-We just played like...yesterday!
But playing never gets old!

..and you said you were bored...
Ugh.. [sighs and picks up Stitch] I'm not going to win this match am I?
You'll never win with me around!
Pft. I wouldn't say that. [flips Stitch upide down]
Well you know what they say: if you're bored then you're boring.
H-Hey! It's not my fault you know! ..And I'm not boring!
Really? All this commotion going on and you can't find anything to do? I think you're pretty boring.

Edited at 2007-12-03 01:34 am (UTC)
So people get older or they get younger for some reason. Big deal. How is that exciting?
I take it this kind of thing is normal where you come from?
Uh..kind of. Not really. Let's just say I've seen a lot worse.
What a shame.
I guess I can get used to things like this. But it's no surprise to me.

[totally just found the sexy Luke icon and wanted to use it.~~ XDDDDD]</small?
Yeah, you're really boring.
And you're annoying.
Why not find someone to spar with?
I want to. But I don't think anyone else does.
I'll do it!
Really? So you'll spar with me?
I promise not to hurt you too badly!
Pft. Yeah right! I should be telling you that!