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a smile of some sort


What the hell is a Christmas? And why is there a giant tree downstairs? It looks weird. I really don't get why everyone's all excited. What exactly is so special about all this?

I don't think anything's different then before. Just what the hell is going on?


Christmas time is where you buy expensive gifts for people. Once a year the god of greed descends upon everyone affecting their minds. If their loved ones don't give them the most expensive or most wanted gifted then those two people will hate each other the following year.
Enjoy your capitalism.
Like I know what that means.
It's another holiday the majority of the people here seem to know, like Halloween. The giant decorated tree's part of the festivities. On Christmas, everyone gives each other gifts, and it's supposed to be a time of goodwill towards each other.


You might want to start thinking of gifts for people that you care about, or they might be disappointed come Christmas morn~
How the hell am I supposed to do that? I don't know what to get people.
I don't know, but someone said something about presents so it sounds pretty great to me! ♥
You like anything that has to do with money or presents.
Doesn't everybody?
Think again, Anise.
Christmas is a religious holiday in some worlds, celebrating the birth of Christinaity's savior and lord.

But nowdays it is a mainstream, commercially run holiday where gifts are exchanged, trees are decorated and other such traditions are common.

Don't you a type of holiday in your world?
What do trees have to do with presents?

Uh..not really.
You put the presents under the tree.

How strange. Usually all worlds celebrate something native to it.
That's weird. Why is that?

I guess not. I've never heard of anything that has to do with a tree or presents.
It's tradition. A 'rule' for the holiday if you will.

How sad. Christmas is fun. I should teach you more about it.
What a weird tradition.

Can you really? I'd like that. What's your name anyway?
Not so weird to those who are use to it.

Sure. Christmas is a happy time of year. Everyone should enjoy it at least once.

My name is C.C. You are?
I guess if you like the holiday.

..C.C.? O-Oh I'm uh Luke.
It might cheer you up. You seem down.

Yes. Luke? A meaningful name. Nice to meet you.
..Yeah I guess you can say that.

Huh? Oh um thanks I guess. Nice to meet you too, C.C.
What's eating you?
Just everything I guess..
Well, now that we've narrowed it down...

What else is bothering you? Homesick? Someone you know disappear? Having a fight with someone?
..I don't know myself really. I might be homesick, I'm not really sure. I'm supposed to be dead so I don't even know why I'm here.

Sorry I'm dumping this on you..
Don't be sorry. I asked.

Apparently we're all suppose to be dead here. You aren't the only one.
I know I'm not. But I just don't want to be here any more. I-I'm just a replica..